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 AFF vs FC (2-3) ( 5 games In 1 night!!! woot)

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PostSubject: AFF vs FC (2-3) ( 5 games In 1 night!!! woot)   30/5/2013, 08:16

some of the most epic games i've played lately ph34r
we started with wcp1 FC map choise

it start really bad for aff and it was the best start for fc after edi and seph capped in the first few minutes of the game.
After that the game went slow and both teams tryed to attack steady without rushing anything after a good cap by turk (if im not mistaking) aff was very motivated and started to attack harder and harder but spongebob did a gread job in defense but it wasn't enought to save us from getting our flag out of our base once again which leaded to a 2:2 im not sure who scored maybe it was turk laught
after that a quick cap by me sealed the game in the last seconds of the game.

2nd map picked by aff

again very strong start for fc after i edi and i capped 2 times
we took 1 cap back (by turk i guess lol :d) we made it 3:1 and we thought it was a sure thing we thought it was in the bag but what actually happened was a whole different world
aff managed to cap twice in a very short while, fc's team work went to the garbage nobody was in their positions it was all out to attack while we were winning 3:2, when it got 3:3 we still had lost our touch our moment and szami and turk just rushed in our base with executor covering them and they made the most epic comeback from 1:3 to 4:3

3rd map picked by FC
it was wcp5

a well paced game by fc leading all the way with caps from edi and me, fc were just prepared better on this map happy
nothing serious to commentate

so we agreed to play 1 more game
it was w2
4th map chosen by AFF

szami and turk we're very well prepared for this map they knew they have what it takes to get in our base and get out of it without being caught and so they did.
after the start of the game fc started better and i grabbed their flag in the first seconds of the game but i didn't go further because antisocial was there in the right place at the right time he also did a really good defense all game long. Fc got the red flag a few times in their base but rushing aff's we're returning it without any doubts
so szami capped 2 or 3 times and fc just coudn't do anything from the very nice cover of turk and executor
and eventually aff capped their 4th and finished the game off gg

5th and final map
both clans agreed upon wcp18

even if szami left that didn't affect at all aff were standing very strong on the map after a very quick cap by turk in the first minutes executor was just killing us all like 2x or 3x times in a matter of seconds fc couldn't get through the middle
after that slowly FC was getting closer to the red base and made a cap by sephrenia after a good cover by me and edi
then turk took our flag went down executor again covered awesome and aff were in the lead again. after that suddenly aff's defense cracked and sephrenia took advantage and capped 1 more time and i capped once to make the comeback. and after a short while seph saw that little space and went into their base and got out of there without being noticed
conclusion: alot of fun no drama we all love eachouther! happy

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PostSubject: Re: AFF vs FC (2-3) ( 5 games In 1 night!!! woot)   30/5/2013, 10:41

ggs santa

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AFF vs FC (2-3) ( 5 games In 1 night!!! woot)
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