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 AFF vs 9323 (3-0) (3 games)

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AFF vs 9323 (3-0) (3 games) Empty
PostSubject: AFF vs 9323 (3-0) (3 games)   AFF vs 9323 (3-0) (3 games) Empty23/12/2012, 19:13

first they asked for ctf1 but 1 of their teammates disagreed and wanted a bigger map so we voted for wcp1 and they didn't have the maps so we chose ctf2 and when i told the looong tactic they came and asked for wcp1 xD
AFF vs 9323 (3-0) (3 games) Shot0025_zps8a314a95
awesome game for me my defence was rock solid they couldn't exit the base with the flag even if i had alot of work in defence me and noway took good care of it while turk and slayer were capping gg 1st map!

2nd map was wcp5 again our choice lol they kept asking for ctf1 but it was too small and we agreed on this map
AFF vs 9323 (3-0) (3 games) Shot0026_zps6d8d3bf9
well there was no work for me this game thats why the low score but the team work was important and it was on a very high level even if i made a couple of mistakes i think my comfort in this map may slightly decreased but overall gg 2nd map!

3rd map wxs1
since nobody wanted ctf1 they asked for wxs1 and we agreed so here the result
AFF vs 9323 (3-0) (3 games) Shot0027_zps8782a153
this is not much of a defensive map so i went on attack with turk and kept noway and slayer defending which was not a bad idea at all they kept the base safe all game long nice work guys turk did 4 awesome caps and i just boosted his ass couldn't cap even if i attacked tongue
ggs guys hope for more 4v4's!

AFF vs 9323 (3-0) (3 games) DeadSpaceShardSignatureV6
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AFF vs 9323 (3-0) (3 games) Empty
PostSubject: Re: AFF vs 9323 (3-0) (3 games)   AFF vs 9323 (3-0) (3 games) Empty31/12/2012, 23:20

i remember good i did almost all caps except at 1. map in first map i only could do 1 or 2 anyways ggs laught
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AFF vs 9323 (3-0) (3 games)
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